Road Home

I think I’ve avoided publishing these last entries so to prolong the sense of being in the road-trip dimension. Handwritten notes that I made through our journey call me to expand into posts. There is a meridian of poetry still pulsing. And photographs or video to share–which takes time to curate.

We’ve started back to work but I’d like to keep connected here with you for a little longer as Karen and I circle back mentally to regular home, regular routine while trying to keep the heart-road-map present in our minds.


Our southern Ontario autumn reminds me of the light of the Midnight Sun. A good long warm, and the hot is strong but not overbearing. Ontario’s summer is accentuated by dense haze, steamy fields and pavement, and humidity drooping thousands of leaves so that even the greatest of trees appear parched and weary.

The Arctic summer has a precise sun. It’s marvellous sustenance through what-would-be-night, inspires anytime action, play, and exploration. Viewlines are drawn to an owl swooping to prey or a bear travelling across tundra foothills. Ravens clamour and keen, their language circling back to us like excited words calling connection.

Having been North means I check Inuvik, Tuk, and Whitehorse weather occasionally and am more attuned to North of 60 media that manages to seep into our southern news. Here in Toronto, we all LOVED our mid-November 15º. It was -22º in Inuvik.

Karen I and continued to enjoy adventures and beauty as we drove south through British Columbia then east to home after visiting dear friends on Vancouver Island and the mainland. Some photos:

A whale takes a dive in the inside passage, mid-way down the coast of B.C.
A whale takes a dive in the inside passage, mid-way down the coast of B.C.
Bear Glacier. northern BC
Bear Glacier. northern BC

One thought on “Road Home

  1. Walter Ryan November 30, 2015 / 9:25 am

    I am glad you are continuing your adventure with us/me. I felt a little saddened at the thought that the posts may have ended. Really do enjoy your writings and sharing your life with me. Truly an awesome experience of resolve, endurance and nerve even. Well done and well related. Love you two 🌷


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