Sleeping Giant and a Bear

Hey! Karen and I are greatly enjoying your comments.  Thanks!  Word Press has an approval system before they go public so their visibility depends upon my being online and able to approve so there may be a delay.
We had limited data today all along Lake Superior. Tonight’s and yesterday’s posts have been accomplished through my phone.  And I can’t seem to upload the photos via mobile so I hope to find wifi soon to connect on laptop.
We are in Quetico PP tonight. Braved a swim. Today’s adventures took us all along Superior. All morning we had the Sleeping Giant in our sights as we rose and dipped like crows through these mountains. The spring-lime poplar leaves glitter against the deep green pines of the canyons and we marvel at the red rock face cut to the highway.
Our timing is a little off due to bridge repairs and a slow down for the Toronto panam torch relay. We also forgot to allow time for all the enormous Quebec Winnibegos.

I work at 1 Yonge st and at the foot of Lake Ontario are names of towns along Yong St/ hwy 11 all the way to Rainy River. Picking up 11 after Thunder Bay,  we noticed the mile markers and turned into the campground at 1600km. That’s how far we already are from home, from work, and yet these towns and mileposts are links. Especially for me– seeing signs and  places I’ve had virtual connection to through work at OCWA. Karen has been reminicing on her youth summer job outside TBay. It will be a different world when we get into Manitoba tomorrow. A very long drive to leave the familiarity of our beloved Ontario.
Saw moose, turtles, lots of wildlife and a bear that stood as tall as a sign post before running across the highway.

On the road with Lake Superior
On the road with Lake Superior
poplars, pines and red rock
poplars, pines and red rock

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Giant and a Bear

  1. Jeanne Van Bronkhorst June 4, 2015 / 3:14 am

    Thanks for bringing us along on this amazing trip! Love the descriptions, love thinking of you both on the grand adventure.


  2. Sheila cole June 4, 2015 / 4:22 am

    Hey girls! It is sheila, Karen’s sheila from work!!!! We are in our last days of vacation! I am sitting or more like laying in the bed in the museum cave hotel in Turkey and fully enjoying the connection I can have with you! Karen big hugs! Go and take a look at my facebook page as I have posted dozens of pictures since we left three weeks ago. It has been am amazing vacation and I certainly wish the best for you two! I will bent
    Keeping track of you!!!


  3. Gabe June 4, 2015 / 10:43 am

    Reading your posts feels like a little escape from the craziness of city life!
    Love the way you write!
    look forward to reading about each part of you amazing adventure!


  4. monique June 5, 2015 / 3:13 pm

    glad to see you are having a great time


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