Where the North? continued

So to continue the question Where the North? Karen and I have been asking people as we travel the country if they consider “this” North. Here are a few pics with the accompanying stories and their insights about the North. While we are canoe tripping, I have scheduled these to come out to you. We had a great time in Whitehorse. We camped next to a couple from NYC who were travelling up to Alaska to give their dog good memories since he lives in an apartment. When Karen tried to say hi to the dog, the parents backed her off quickly explaining that the dog is very protective. Plus—he was having his dinner in a bowl on top of the picnic table….They were sleeping in their Mercedes SUV. Funny, we’ve met people whose stories seem so bizarre I think they really must be on the lam.

We took river training today with Up North Adventures while watching bald eagles soar, then broke camp. We loaded the canoe onto the car as a pet pig named Ernest strolled along the sidewalk. Whitehorse is great!


At Turtle Lodge, I asked a few youth Where is North and they all pointed in the same direction. Then I talked to Sage (Raptors fan with the Bulls hat) and Austin drummers and singers from the Sagkeeng First Nation who said proudly that Yes, this is North.

Sage and Austin Turtle Lodge
Sage and Austin Turtle Lodge “This is North”

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