Almost Ready

I’ve sent out this blog link to folks and framily to follow. With that offer of connection, K & I will now be testing Canada North’s connectivity and relying on the kindness of cafe staff to get us wifi’d back in–or out. I can try to use my mobile (sparingly) as a hot spot and upped my Koodo data for two months. Apparently Inuvik has good mobile service. That is our most northern destination. See where it is:

Top of the World

LOA: Finding Purpose

Five years ago, my partner Karen and I committed to taking a self-funded leave. Working and living in Toronto makes for a frenetic life — always busy always booked, always rushing. Work, raising our son, community engagement and social times are all enjoyable aspects of life but we needed to just explore a different route and lay down different tracks. As our leave time approached we asked ourselves: What do we want to do with this precious six months? What are we leaving and what are we going towards? We decided that: The purpose of our journey is to nourish our creative selves as we explore new territories. 2011-08 CK Chapleau Canoe Trip 165