Calcium Sulphate Hot Springs

June  8, Day 7: Drove over 1000 km yesterday through tremendous mountains passing bear, moose, and families of wood buffalo.  Watched little mountain sheep scale the ridges behind their parents. We pushed through to Liard River hot Springs where we set camp in the nightlight of the North then hiked after midnight to the hot springs. The protective boardwalk passes through wetlands. Somewhere west of us, the sun must have been trying to set because a few mountain clouds mimicked the pink of wild roses. We walked toward the rising steam passing tiny bluebells and strawberry flowers with their fruitful intentions.

Went back in the early morning, startling a moose who quickly moved on. The Liard River descends, heats then rises, bringing minerals. My eyes full with poetry I thought of the water emerging from the earth to meet the air, and exhaling to the tall tips of spruce, Getting into BC, we’d gained another hour. People in the springs said they gained a few more years from the waters.

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